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jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Troubleneck Brothers - Trackography Bootleg (1993-1994)

 01 Live From Troubleneck Projects
02 Hectic
03 Circle Of Stone
04 Troubleneck Wreck
05 Represent (Trouble Version)
06 Open Up the Gates
07 Suck My Dick
08 Fuck All Y'all
09 Hoods Up Caps Down
10 Poets At War
11 Rockin In Harmony
12 Represent (Villain Version)
13 Troubleneck Wreck (12 Version)
14 Gusto
15 Back To the Hip-Hop
16 Pure
17 Release Me
18 85 Live
19 But I'm A Lax
20 862
21 Maintain
22 Lyrical Jasun
23 Irocs
24 Outro
25 Maintain (Instrumental)
26 Pure (Acappella)
27 Pure (Instrumental)
28 Back To The Hip-Hop (Tony T. Green Mix)
29 Back To The Hip-Hop (Classic Mix)
30 Back To The Hip-Hop (Old School Mix)
31 Back To The Hip-Hop (Album Radio Edit)
32 Back To The Hip-Hop (Acappella)
33 Back To The Hip-Hop (Instrumental)

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